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Van Veronica Ngo as Quynh in "The Old Guard." Netflix

It"s certainly a concept that Ngo is very excited to explore. After 500 years of being trapped in an iron maiden, we find out at the kết thúc of the movie that Quynh has escaped. And she"s likely out for revenge.

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But Ngo admits it"s still unknown to lớn her what the future holds for Quynh or the possibility of a sequel.

"Everyone"s so curious about her," Ngo said about the Quynh character lớn over the phone from Vietnam. "When she meets Booker, there"s so much pain and anger in her. There"s a lot more we want khổng lồ know about her, but you have to ask Netflix what will happen next."


Van Veronica Ngo as Paige Tico in "The Last Jedi." Disney

"I remember being nervous và scared going into the project because they are so strict," Ngo said. "It"s understandable, because it"s so big, but I couldn"t see anything, read the script, take any pictures. Thankfully I had just one line."

She had no clue of the significance of the scene she was in until finally seeing the movie at the London world premiere.

"I saw the explosion on the screen and I was like, "Holy s---, I did that!"" Ngo said. "When I shot it I had no idea how big the ship was or the ship I was bombing, I just acted the way Rian told me. The way it turned out, it was a great feeling."

Ngo returned lớn Vietnam & continued to lớn be a huge star. She starred in the action movie, "Furie," which would become the highest-grossing movie ever in Vietnam.

It led to lớn another hotline from Hollywood again. This time it was Spike Lee.

Becoming Spike Lee"s Hanoi Hannah

"A casting agency here in Vietnam called me & said they wanted me to lớn meet Spike Lee, I didn"t quite know who he was," said Ngo, who met the Oscar-winner in a Saigon coffee shop as he was scouting for "Da 5 Bloods." "After I met him I learned how big a khuyễn mãi giảm giá he is."

The meeting went well because she was offered to lớn play the Hanoi Hannah role in the movie. A radio personality during the Vietnam War, Hannah became legendary for her English-language broadcasts directed specifically to US troops khổng lồ shame and intimidate them.

Lee used her in the same way he used Samuel L. Jackson"s DJ Mister Señor Love Daddy in "Do the Right Thing," a character that appears on occasion in the movie và speaks directly into the camera.

Van Veronica Ngo as Hanoi Hannah in "Da 5 Bloods." Netflix

Ngo said she spent months working on the Hanoi Hannah accent so her delivery would be perfect. It led to lớn a one-day shoot of her part in the movie.

"The day before the shoot I spoke to lớn Spike just about the tone he wanted và how he wanted me lớn sound," she said. "I tried different voices & he told me which one was right. How to lớn deliver the line. I"m from Southern Vietnam and Hannoi Hanna was from the north so those are different accents. And Hanna also had a British accent. I just really wanted to lớn get into it và get the tone right."

Ngo"s performance would heighten the authenticity of Lee"s movie about American Vietnam veterans who return to the country to find gold & bring back the remains of their fallen squad leader.

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It wasn"t before long that her phone rang again. This time it was the director of a Charlize Theron action movie that was about lớn start production.

Representing Vietnam in "The Old Guard"

Looking back on her first conversation with Gina Prince-Bythewood, Ngo said she could sense that "The Old Guard" director was feeling her out.

"We talked about filmmaking và I think she wanted to lớn see how my English speaking was," Ngo said.

A week later she was told that Charlize Theron wanted lớn talk to lớn her.

"I was nervous, I didn"t know what to expect," she said. "It was supposed lớn be a 15-minute phone call and we ended up talking for 45 minutes."

What made that even more remarkable was that Theron gave her that much time though she was already shooting "The Old Guard."

A few days later, Ngo got a text from Theron that she had just watched Ngo in "Furie" & wanted her khổng lồ come on and play the role of fellow immortal warrior, Noriko, in "The Old Guard."

Most actors would be ecstatic by the opportunity and do whatever Theron and Prince-Bythewood said. But having already been in music, TV, & movies for years, Ngo was not a newbie & wanted to lớn use the opportunity lớn represent her heritage.

Andy & Quynh.
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"I read the script và I told Charlize about wanting lớn really relate to the character by acknowledging me as a Vietnamese actress," Ngo said. "China cinema is so dominant over all the Asian countries. For Western audiences, we all have black hair & brown eyes & we"re all Chinese and I don"t lượt thích that. I"m proud of my country, my nation, my people. We have a long history in cinema so it should be embraced. Every character I play in Hollywood I would love lớn show that pride of my nation."

Ngo said Theron was taken by that và suggested that the Noriko character be changed lớn a Vietnamese name. Though Ngo gave a menu of names khổng lồ consider, she said it was Prince-Bythewood who came up with Quynh.

"I don"t know where she found it, but I loved it," Ngo said.

As Ngo patiently awaits her next big Hollywood project, right now she said she"s enjoying the fruits of her labor. Lượt thích most of the world, "The Old Guard" is currently the đứng đầu Netflix title in Vietnam, và sometimes she has lớn remind herself that she"s in a movie where she"s acting opposite Charlize Theron.